Park day recap #5 April 15, 2016 Disneyland and California Adventure

Park day recap #5 – April 15, 2016

Disneyland and California Adventure


screenshot_2016-04-15-09-16-24-1.png screenshot_2016-04-15-09-19-50-1.png screenshot_2016-04-15-09-20-00-1.png

It felt so good to be home! This was one of the longest stretches that I have gone without visiting Disneyland in quite a while.  I had been wanting to visit since returning home from our vacation in Denver, but a combination of cold rainy days and high pain days wouldn’t permit it.  With the rainy days behind us, this day turned out to be just right.  The morning and night were cool, but not cold.  I wore a light sweater in the morning and evening.  Not sure how cool I would feel in the evening or how long I would be at the park, so I did bring along a heavier jacket, however I didn’t need it.  The daytime temp was warm, but not blistering hot. I wore a sleeveless black blouse and never felt overheated.  The high that day was 80 degrees.  I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

screenshot_2016-04-15-09-20-10-1.png screenshot_2016-04-15-09-22-25-1.png

The best part of arriving at Park opening? No wait for the handicap queue at Hyperspace Mountain!!

screenshot_2016-04-15-09-45-59-1.png screenshot_2016-04-15-09-46-06.png screenshot_2016-04-15-10-07-27-1.png

I love starting my day off by riding as many of the popular attractions as I can.  Three major attractions in 45 minutes is fantastic! Especially when their wait times typically reach 45 to 60 minutes soon after opening.  The standard queues had wait times of 10-15 minutes.  Because of their low wait times, we didn’t have to receive a Disabled Return Time and were allowed to immediately enter the Handicap entrance.


As you can see from my Disneyland Ap screenshot, wait times were low.

screenshot_2016-04-15-10-20-38-1.png screenshot_2016-04-15-10-23-12-1.png

Although we didn’t need a disabled return time for the Haunted Mansion, we did have to wait approx. 10 minutes in the handicap queue.  The reason for this is that only X amount of wheelchairs can be inside at one time and we had to wait for one to leave before we could enter.  However if I were able to stand during the elevator sequence and walk the hallway to the loading area, I could have entered immediately. Click here to read about the Haunted Mansion.


My daughter’s favorite snack, the Churro.  They only sell the original flavor in the parks, BUT there are two carts in the Downtown Disney District that sell flavored churros.  My favorite is the Salted Caramel Churro.


Five major attractions and not one disabled return time needed!!  THIS is why I suggest getting up early, even if you are not a morning person.  To be able to conquer this many major attractions in such a short amount of time is impossible as the day progresses.

screenshot_2016-04-15-11-39-04-1.png screenshot_2016-04-15-11-40-19-1.png

You gotta love Disney.  Even when an attraction is closed for refurbishment, they still give you a reason to go by it.  During its refurbishment, The Jungle Cruise skippers are sharing stories of their travels and more!  After listening to a tall tale, we were on our way to Fantasyland.

screenshot_2016-04-15-11-52-06-1.png screenshot_2016-04-15-11-53-20-1.png

We received a disabled return time for Alice in Wonderland.  I didn’t have the strength to wheel myself around Fantasyland that morning, so I took a break while my family headed off to ride Star Tours, a ride that I am unable to ride because of motion sickness.

screenshot_2016-04-15-11-59-02-1.png screenshot_2016-04-15-11-59-30-1.png

While waiting I opened my Disneyland Ap to look up the menu for the Galactic Grill.  My husband and daughter have been wanting to try the First Order Specialty Burger for some time and we decided this would be the day.  The Ap is wonderful and easy to use.


I’ve not had it easy the past month in regards to my conditions.  Today was no different.  Thankfully I medicated with a strong enough dose to get me through most of the day, yet it was low enough to keep me from mentally feeling high.  I had half of the candy pictured above.


Alice in Wonderland is a ride that many overlook or don’t make time for.  But it is one that I highly recommend.  Click here to see video of this attraction.  Remember that my videos are not to replace the ride experience.  You will not see everything there is to see in them, instead you will get an idea of how dark or jerky a ride is and how high a ride goes for those who may be afraid of heights.

screenshot_2016-04-15-13-24-06-1.png screenshot_2016-04-15-13-24-13-1.png

I was photo bombed while waiting for my husband and daughter to bring our food to our table.  I gave the guy a thumbs up for effort!

Galactic Grill is a walk up service restaurant.  You order at a window and take your food on a tray.  Because tables can be hard to find, we like to hunt one down before ordering our food.  Then leave one, usually me, to hold it while the others order our food.  This ensures that our meal will be hot when we begin to eat.

The food was awesome.  BTW don’t let the black bun scare you from trying out the burger.  The bun tasted no different than a regular bun.

screenshot_2016-04-15-14-07-53-1.png screenshot_2016-04-15-14-15-39-1.png

Click on the picture to read about this attraction

Click on the picture to read about Snow White’s Scary Adventure

screenshot_2016-04-15-14-25-53-1.png 20160415_142626-1.jpg

After lunch, we returned to Fantasyland and received our disabled return time for Peter Pan.  While waiting for our return time to arrive we rode Pinochio, Snow White, and Casey Jr’s Train.  Did you know that Casey Jr’s Circus Train was originally set to be a roller coaster? Click here to see video of this attraction.  One of the perks of riding Casey Jr’s Train for me is being able to see the sights that one sees while riding the Storybook Canal Boats.  The boats do not offer any back support and are too painful for me to ride more than once a year.

screenshot_2016-04-15-14-45-21-1.png screenshot_2016-04-15-14-45-42-1.png screenshot_2016-04-15-14-56-14-1.png

We returned to Peter Pan’s handicap queue where we had an additional 20 minute wait.  While you may think this is unfair, in this case it is not.  Unlike the Haunted Mansion that sometimes comes with an additional 45 minute wait, there ARE other attractions near Peter Pan that don’t require a return time.  As you can see, we went on three attractions during while waiting for our time to return to the handicap queue to arrive.  Where with the Haunted Mansion, if you do not carefully plan your return times and Fast Passes, you will find yourself not being able to ride anything unless you venture to the other side of the park.

I was so thankful that my husband used our waiting time to massage my upper back and shoulders.  On this day, my arms and upper body were my problem areas.  I was experiencing more pain in those areas than I normally do and a mini massage was just what I needed.


Click on the picture to view video clip

We had a little entertainment when exiting Fantasyland.  You can view the video clip by clicking on the picture.

screenshot_2016-04-15-15-51-05-1.png screenshot_2016-04-15-15-54-14-1.png

Turns out that the wait time for Star Tours was longer than my husband and daughter had wanted to wait earlier in the day, so they received Fast Passes and went on Buzz Lightyear instead.  With their Fast Pass time arriving, I figured this would be a great time for me to grab some coffee, take a break, and medicate.  I finished my MMJ candy from the morning.


While waiting I noticed these hidden Mickeys in the rose bushes.

screenshot_2016-04-15-16-24-42-1.png screenshot_2016-04-15-16-44-53-1.png

After they finished riding Star Tours, we hopped over to California Adventure.  By this point my back was killing me and I was in desperate need of relief…  So what did I do?? I rode California Screamin’ of course!!!  Seriously, I don’t know what it is about this roller coaster, but every time I ride it I experience a reduction in back pain and muscle pain.

smartselectimage_2016-04-18-14-07-10.png screenshot_2016-04-15-17-46-12-1.png screenshot_2016-04-15-17-46-56-1.png

Our next destination was Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters (click here to see a video of this attraction) in Carsland as my husband had yet to experience this new attraction.  So something pretty cool and unexpected happened when we were exiting the ride.  A Disneyland Photographer had been taking our photos while we were riding.  He handed us a photopass card and we were on our way.  Guests can then view and purchase their photos by visiting a Photopass service center in the park or by going online.  I would rather not waste time in the park at the photo center, so I waited to view mine until I arrived home.  Below are the photos that were taken of my husband and me.  I love them and will be purchasing a few of them.

20160418_143722-1.jpg 20160418_143746-1.jpg 20160418_143748-1.jpg 20160418_143753-1.jpg 20160418_143812.jpg 20160418_143828-1.jpg

The glare from my computer screen doesn’t do them justice, but trust me, they are amazing.  These are just to show you how awesome Disney photographers are about catching magical moments.  This also shows that you just never know what Disney will do to add a little magic to your day!

screenshot_2016-04-15-17-54-50-1.png screenshot_2016-04-15-18-11-00-1.png


Before calling it a day, we stopped by Ghiradeli’s in the Pacific Wharf area of California Adventure for some ice cream.  I highly recommend the Salted Caramel Sundae…

By 6:30pm we were ready to head home.  We reached the parking garage by 7:00pm and were home by 8:00pm.  It was a fabulous day.  I paced myself pretty well and am pleased that I made it through my day with only 63mg of medical marijuana. We rode 12 attractions in 9 1/2 hours, which also included snack and meal breaks.  The bonus for this day was that not only did we not clip anyone with my wheelchair, but not one person ran into me!!!!  Click here to read past recaps.

Wishing you a day filled with Pixie Dust and Disney Magic!

The Disabled Diva





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