Park day recap #4 March 15, 2016 Disneyland and California Adventure

screenshot_2016-03-15-07-47-27-1.png screenshot_2016-03-15-07-47-36-1.png

While not normally a breakfast person, I usually eat prior to a day in the park because I prefer medicating for pain with food in my belly.

After several weeks of excruciating pain, it felt good to be “Home”.


Switching things up by going to California Adventure first!


While the coffee from McDonald’s is okay, I needed some real coffee.  Starbucks coffee is available in the coffee shops near the front of each park and there is a Starbucks coffee shop located in Downtown Disney.  A little tip for Annual Passholders: The Downtown Disney location does NOT give AP discounts!

Once the rope dropped, my daughter took our passes and retrieved our Fast Passes for Radiator Racers.  Our mission this day is to ride Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters, the newest addition to Carsland.


Like I stated above, it’s been a rough month.  Abdominal Adhesions have been making my life miserable.  With the rest of my month filled with other commitments, I knew that this would be my only chance to visit the parks until April, so I pushed myself to make it happen.  I medicated with a higher than normal dosage.  While my daughter was my only companion for this visit, I didn’t have to drive.  I am fortunate that my husband’s office is near Disneyland.  He dropped us off on his way to work and would be picking us up later in the day.  This allows me to medicate and enjoy my day a heck of a lot more than if I didn’t treat my pain.


I hope I never out grow the giddiness I feel when they announce that the park is open! To hear the audio visit my Twitter feed.


NOOOO!!! My sole purpose for coming today was to ride this new attraction!!! At this point I had two choices.  Hang out nearby and do nothing, or do something else.  We chose to go over to Bugsland which is right next to this attraction.

screenshot_2016-03-15-09-38-10-1.png screenshot_2016-03-15-09-38-20-1.png screenshot_2016-03-15-09-38-30-1.png screenshot_2016-03-15-09-38-40-1.png

While in Bugsland, we rode Heimlich’s Choo Choo, Tuck and Roll’s Drive ‘Em Buggies, Francis’ Ladybug Boogie, and Flik’s Flyers.  Click here to see video of Flik’s Flyers.  My daughter and I both get a little dizzy from Flik’s Flyers, but we still enjoy it.  So if you are prone to motion sickness, you may want to skip this attraction.

screenshot_2016-03-15-09-38-45-1.png screenshot_2016-03-15-09-38-51-1.png screenshot_2016-03-15-09-39-00-1.png


We strolled back to Carlsand to discover that Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters was up and running! Surprisingly there wasn’t a long line.  After just 10 minutes we were ready to hop in our vehicle.  To see video of this attraction click here.  When using a wheelchair, you are able to take your wheelchair all the way to the ride vehicle.  After you have transferred into it, a cast member will take your wheelchair and put it in a gated area.  When the ride ends they bring it to your vehicle, so there is no need for walking, you just need to be able to transfer in and out of your wheelchair.

A little about the ride.  While there are no dips or fast turns, the swinging your car does while dancing does throw you around a bit.  Other than constantly slamming into my daughter, the ride was wonderful.  Also note that the cars spin at the end.


Once we finished with Luigi’s ride, it was time to head next door to Radiator Racers.  Click here to see video of Radiator Racers.  A little warning! You may want to turn your volume down when we reach the racing portion of the ride as guests, including me, like to scream.


On our way to California Screamin’ we stopped by the Boudin Bakery for a free sourdough bread sample.

Another reason I really wanted to visit the parks this day was that I was craving the relief I receive while riding California Screamin’.  By the end of the ride I feel like I have just gotten a back adjustment and a massage! I like to call it roller coaster therapy!


This was my first time riding alone.  However, because I lack the strength to go up multiple inclines with my wheelchair I had my daughter escort me through the queue.  Silly me.  I should have gone to the single rider queue.  I could have saved my daughter the trouble of pushing me through it and my wait time would have been much lower.

screenshot_2016-03-15-10-20-51-1.png screenshot_2016-03-15-11-00-17-1.png

At 10:20 we decided to hop over to Disneyland.  Considering that the park opened at 8:00, I was impressed by how many rides we had managed to do.  Disneyland was much busier than California Adventure.  Unfortunately, this also meant more people not paying attention to where they were walking.  We only clipped a few people who walked in front of us without warning in California Adventure, but the number sky rocketed within minutes of rolling into Disneyland.


Our first stop was to get a disabled return time for Hyperspace Mountain.  Next we popped into the theater next door to watch Star Wars: Path of a Jedi.  Afterwards we had some time to kill but didn’t want to go too far because it was too difficult getting through the crowd.  Instead we decided to relax and people watch.


While waiting in the handicap queue, I pulled out my safety goggles and placed them on my lap.  I had planned to put them on when I boarded the ride.  Fast forward to the end of the ride and tears are streaming down my face.  Why?  Because I forgot to put my goggles on!!! Thankfully they were waiting for me on my wheelchair when I returned. Note for me and anyone with eyes that are sensitive to cold air and wind, WEAR YOUR SAFETY GOGGLES!

screenshot_2016-03-16-16-14-30-1.pngscreenshot_2016-03-15-12-42-54-1.png screenshot_2016-03-15-12-52-29-1.png screenshot_2016-03-15-13-02-14-1.png

After a busy morning we decided to slow down and stroll through the shops of Main Street.  We ended our time in the park by looking at the beautiful works of art in the gallery near the entrance.  After leaving the park we spent time browsing some of the Disney stores in Downtown Disney.

After grabbing a bite to eat it was time to meet my husband and head home.

Until next time,

The Disabled Diva







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