Park day recap #3 Feb. 27, 2016 Disneyland and California Adventure

20160227_090954.jpgWhether you followed my live tweets or not you will want to read my recap for information that I didn’t have time to tweet and expanded thoughts.  For this visit I was able to medicate throughout the day, as my husband was my driver.  I was up and out of bed by 5AM and ready to leave the house by 6AM.


A quick run through McDonald’s drive thru and we were on our way.

screenshot_2016-02-27-06-35-02.png screenshot_2016-02-27-06-50-33.png screenshot_2016-02-27-07-00-18.png

I rarely sleep well the night before a Disneyland play day for no other reason than I am too excited to sleep. However, I had a wonderful night’s sleep this time.  I was worried that I would have to cancel because I had slightly dislocated my left hip on Thursday night.  Didn’t do anything crazy, it just happened while I was getting into bed.  My lower back muscles were in a tizzy and many nerves were pinched.  The nerve pain I experienced on Friday was horrible.  Thankfully my husband gave me a fabulous massage.  My muscles relaxed and my nerves were set free.

The heated seats in our rental car helped keep my lower back muscles happy on the trip to and from Disneyland.  Heated seats are going on my wish list for our next vehicle.

The weather was perfect.  We encountered a little fog when we neared the park, but it was gone by the time we arrived at the parking garage.

screenshot_2016-02-27-07-40-28.png screenshot_2016-02-27-07-51-16.png

While waiting for the handicap bus, we were informed that it would be at least 20 minutes until the first one arrived.  This is the first time that I have encountered this problem, especially so close to park opening.  So we moved over to the tram line.  Because of limited wheelchair space on the tram, we had to wait for two trams to load before we could.  Finally aboard the tram and what do I see, the handicap bus filled with guests on their way to the entrance!!! GRRRR.  I should have just waited.


I have listened to many complain that they feel that Disney is racially profiling people when randomly choosing who goes through the metal detectors.  To be honest I wish they would just make it mandatory for everyone to go through.  So far this year, someone in my party has been chosen to go through the detectors 3 out of our 4 visits.  My daughter was picked twice and I was the winner for this visit.  I am thrilled that they have the metal detectors and have wanted them in the park for many years.  Disney has my full support when it comes to security measures.  I can only imagine how terribly the security guards are treated by the looks on their faces when they tell someone to go through the detectors.  The guard that chose me looked nervous, like he was waiting for me to curse at him.  Then his face and the faces of the guards around him changed to smiles as I woo-hooed my way through the detector.  I was thrilled and excited to have been chosen.  As I was preparing to leave the area, two guards thanked me for being so cooperative and for setting a positive example for the guests in line.  The way I see it is, if you have an issue with it, you must have something to hide.

screenshot_2016-02-27-08-06-23.png screenshot_2016-02-27-08-06-29.png

I love being in the park when it opens.  All along Main Street you will find cast members wearing Mickey gloves offering guests “High Fours”.  There is just no better way to start my morning.

Disneyland in the spring is truly magical.  The colors of the trees and flowers are breathtaking.  I could sit on Main Street and stare at the castle and the pink trees for hours.


Due to the popularity of Star Wars Season of the Force, we had to get a disabled return time even though the park had just opened.  Normally, we don’t need one at that hour.


More coffee, more meds.  While my nerve pain was under control, my neck and upper back muscles were sore.  While I rested, the rest of my party went on a Star Tours, a ride that I have sworn to never ride again.


Since Star Wars has taken over Tomorrowland, I have been obsessed with starting my day by riding Hyperspace Mountain.  Back when we lived out of state and only visited for a week at a time once a year, I insisted that my family ride Peter Pan on our first morning.  Going off to Neverland just felt like the perfecting beginning to our magical week.  Do you have a favorite ride to start your day or vacation with?




screenshot_2016-02-27-09-11-20.png screenshot_2016-02-27-09-11-27.png screenshot_2016-02-27-09-11-36.png

If you haven’t noticed, we love posing for the camera! Would love to hear suggestions for future poses and/or of poses you have done.  To view the handicap entrance/exit and loading/unloading video, visit @Disneyability on Twitter or click here to view on YouTube.


screenshot_2016-02-29-10-38-04.png screenshot_2016-02-29-12-21-43.png

The best part of having most people rushing to Tomorrowland for the Season of the Force is having little to no wait times for rides in Frontierland, New Orleans, and Critter Country.  We got right on Thunder Mountain and the Haunted Mansion.

screenshot_2016-02-29-10-38-12.png screenshot_2016-02-29-10-38-20.png

While there was no need for a disabled return time for Splash Mountain, we did have to wait approx. 15 minutes to board as there was a back up of disabled guests.  But 15 minutes is nothing to complain about, especially since we didn’t have to figure out what to do while waiting for a return time to arrive.

screenshot_2016-02-27-10-26-29.png screenshot_2016-02-27-10-29-57.png

I got pretty wet on Splash and was ready for a break.  While I dried off in the sun and people watched, my family took all of our passes to get our disabled return time for Indiana Jones. This saved them from having to push me over a steep hill twice.  After they obtained our return time they rode Pirates of the Caribbean.  By the time they finished their ride we were only 10 minutes from being able to enter Indiana Jones.


If I had to choose only one ride from each park, they would be as follows: Disneyland- Thunder Mountain & California Adventure- California Screamin’.  The reason for Thunder Mountain is that it is a fast ride in which only increases my pain level 50% of the time.  I would choose California Screamin’ because it is the only ride that improves my physical pain.  I wouldn’t normally expect that from a roller coaster, but this one is not only the smoothest ride I have ever been on, the loop and the force that we go through it relieves pressure not only from my spine, but my entire body. Which rides would you choose?

screenshot_2016-02-27-10-58-34.png screenshot_2016-02-27-11-49-05.png

Considering how bad I was feeling the day before, I was pleased that I was only experiencing sore muscles.  Everyone was craving Lobster Nachos, so we headed over to the Cove Bar in California Adventure for lunch.

screenshot_2016-02-27-12-32-06.png screenshot_2016-02-27-13-19-47.png

The Cove Bar serves food, but because they are only considered appetizers and not meals, they do not take reservations.  They recently expanded their seating area in hopes to lessen the wait time.  Well, it did nothing but allow more people to eat there at once.  Too hungry to wait for over an hour, we decided to grab a snack and come back later when we weren’t so ravenous.  Plan B was a Jalapeno cheese filled pretzel for me, one for my husband, and a cream cheese filled pretzel for my daughter.  I am not allowed to eat the cream cheese filled pretzel, as the first time I had one my husband blamed it for causing me to have an emergency appendectomy the day after. LOL.  And the second time I broke my toe while in the park.  I am beginning to believe that my husband is correct in believing the cream cheese pretzel will kill me.  Heehee……


I have been terrified to try the Silly Symphony Swings.  Mainly because I know that if I am leaning to one side for too long I will experience severe and nasty muscle spasms through out my sides and back.  But as long as I avoided riding it, I couldn’t say that I have been on all attractions at least once.  So today I challenged myself to get it over with.  I am so glad that I did.  Was it terrifying? YES! Some of my friends refer to this attraction as the swings of death.  Did I suffer any muscle spasms? NO.  Thankfully this ride only lasts for 90 seconds.  By the time my body was ready to freak out and I was reaching my “that’s enough” limit, the ride was over.  Will I do it again?  YES! And now I can proclaim that I have ridden every attraction at least once!

screenshot_2016-02-27-14-11-08.png 20160227_140128.jpg

After the swings of death, we got in line for Toy Story Mania.  For those not familiar with this attraction, it is a ride and a game.  Everyone in your car, a total of four people, compete by playing arcade style games.  I love and hate this ride.  I love it because it is fun.  I hate it because I am a sore loser and almost always come in last place.  Unfortunately my skill level has nothing to do with why I lose.  It is the repetitive motion of shooting that keeps me from scoring higher.  As you can see in the picture, there is a pulley on the shooter.  I can only move my arm to pull so fast for so long before my arm and shoulder muscles seize up.  Because of this I have to give my arm breaks throughout the duration of the ride.


Finally time for my favorite ride!!!  Like I stated earlier, this ride makes my body feel so good.  The moment we come out of the loop, my entire body completely relaxes.  It’s like getting a massage and back adjustment at the same time.  Someday, I plan on making this ride the focus of my visit.  I want to either ride it continuously, or after every 2 or 3 rides throughout the day.  At the very least I would like to try starting and ending my day riding it.

20160227_152840-1.jpg screenshot_2016-02-29-10-44-50.png

We had to wait for an hour to eat at the Cove Bar.  But as I stated above the food is totally worth it.  As you can see from the picture above they do not serve meals, only appetizers.  But the portions are large and 2 or 3 appetizers can fill the bellies of a party of 3-5 people.  The three of us shared the Lobster Nachos and a Pesto Sausage Flat Bread Pizza.  Sorry, we were hungry and started eating the pizza before I could snap a picture.  The pizza is cut into six pieces.  While there is plenty of delicious food throughout the parks, my family and I highly recommend the Lobster Nachos!!


After dinner my husband left us to ride Tower of Terror while my daughter and I made our way to Radiator Racers.  Tower had a 75 minute wait and Racers had a 105 minute wait.  My daughter and I decided to decrease our wait time by taking advantage of the single rider line.  Sometimes we would rather have a shorter wait time and ride with strangers rather than spend two hours in line just to sit next to each other.


While in line for Racers, my daughter began feeling sick to her stomach.  She ate a bit too much at dinner.  Worried that she might vomit on a stranger, I suggested we exit the queue and hang out at the Mad T Party area while waiting for my husband to exit the Tower of Terror.  While waiting we chatted with a cast member.  He confirmed a couple of rumors that I have been hearing.  The first is about the 24 hour party.  He confirmed that there will be one this year, however the date has yet to be set.  It will be held either the Friday or Monday of Memorial Day Weekend. I’ll post the date on Twitter and Facebook as soon as the date is confirmed. The second rumor to be confirmed is that a Marvel Land will be built in California Adventure!


Last ride of the day, Montsters Inc!  Click here to view a video of this attraction.  You will not see everything there is to be seen by watching it, but you will be able to see if it is something you or someone in your party could handle.


And that wraps up this visit.  It was 8pm by the time we reached our car in the garage, because there was a delay with the handicap busses.

Overall it was a fabulous day.  Although we had a few close calls, we didn’t clip anyone with the wheelchair nor did anyone fall over my feet!! Pain wise I returned home with a pain level that was nearly the same as what I left the house with in the morning.  Medicating throughout the day and enjoying the heated car seat to and from the park helped greatly!

Be sure to contact me if you have any questions.  I hope this helps you in the planning of your Disneyland vacation! Click here to read past recaps.

Wishing you a day filled with Pixie Dust and thrills!

The Disabled Diva



















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