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Hey all!  In my post Tips for staying warm when the weather outside is not, I suggest using portable heat wraps.  I still do suggest this as it is something that I have done and will continue to do, however I have a warning to issue.  On Christmas Eve, my spine and neck pain was at an all time high.  Knowing that I wanted to attend church later in the evening, I slapped on a heat wrap to help relax my muscles.  About an hour before I was to leave for church I felt a strange twinge of pain where I had placed the patch.  I felt even more pain when I removed the patch and was shocked by what I saw.  The patch had burned me.


Two of the burn patches were gone within a few days, the one on the left took almost a week to heal.

Thankfully I caught it when I did, because the burns could have been way worse than they already were.  This post is to urge you to read the warnings and instructions on ALL packages! If I had read the package I would have known not to wear the wrap for more than 8 hours.  By the time I felt the pain from the burns, I had been wearing the wrap for 11 hours.  I could have spared myself from this additional pain, if I had only read the warnings.

One drawback of living with pain is that when something is providing relief, I never want it to end.  The chances of me remembering to take it off within 8 hours would have been slim, even if I had read the warning.  With that said, from now on I plan to set an alarm on my phone to remind myself.

I still stand by my suggestion as long as you follow the manufacturers warnings and directions.

Wishing you a day filled with smiles and gentle hugs,

The Disabled Diva







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