How this coffee addict gets her coffee on the go with little to no expense.

smart-money-savingI love coffee! I drink it from the moment I wake up and sometimes late into the evening, especially when I am out of the house.  But as much as I love coffee, I hate the expense.  Two or three dollars here and there doesn’t sound too bad, until you begin to add up how much was spent over a period of time.  That is why I have found ways to get as much free coffee as possible when I am on the go.

starbucks iced coffee

My favorite place to get iced coffee from is Starbucks. I have been a Gold Card member since 2008 and have been enjoying the perks since.  I always pay with my registered card or app.  With each purchase I receive a star, after I reach 12 stars I receive a reward star valid for any coffee or food item.  A little trick that helps me obtain stars quickly is when purchasing more than one item, I pay for each item separately.  You see Starbucks doesn’t recognize that you purchased three cups on one receipt.  Instead you only receive one star.  But when I swipe/scan or pay for each one separately I receive three.  Last fall I discovered a way to get most of my coffee to go for free.  I joined mPoints. With mPoints I earn points for checking the weather and playing games.  I spend no more than 30 minutes a day doing so and usually do it while watching General Hospital before going to bed.  Every seven days I accumulate enough points to redeem a $5 Starbucks gift card.  While that may not seem like much it is just $1 short of covering the cost of two Venti Iced coffees in Southern California. In a span of four weeks I earn $20 in Starbucks gift cards which provide me with a minimum of 6 iced coffees, 7 if I throw in my own dollar! Without spending my own cash, I am still receiving an earned freebie from Starbucks every other month.  The mPoints gift card is sent by email and I am easily able to transfer the balance to my registered account online.

Thankfully Disneyland and California Adventure both have Starbucks inside the parks.  There is also a Starbucks in Downtown Disney, but I won’t purchase my coffee from them as this location does not accept my Annual Passholder discount.  The prices at all three Disneyland locations are inflated, with my AP discount I am only paying a few more cents per cup than I would at any other location.  Not only do I receive a discount with my AP in the parks, but I am also able to pay with my registered Starbucks card/app, which means MORE STARS!!! Because of this I won’t purchase coffee anywhere but the designated park Starbucks locations.

mcdonalds coffee

A cheaper alternative for my iced coffee addiction is McDonalds.  Their large iced coffee is the size of a Starbucks Trenta and at a price that is lower than a Grande.  With the launch of McDonalds new app, I have even more reasons to grab my iced coffee from them.  In the app is a McCafe punch card.  For every 5 cups of any McCafe beverage purchased, I earn a FREE one of my choosing.  Unlike Starbucks, I don’t need to pay for multiple beverages separately.  They do recognize the number of purchases made on one receipt!! Because of this McDonalds is becoming my go to place for coffee on the run.  Not only does it cost less, but I am earning free cups much faster than I do with Starbucks.

And that my friends, is how this thrifty Diva stays caffeinated on the run without draining her bank account.

Gentle hugs,

The Disabled Diva




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