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Out of all the different types of edible medical marijuana products that I have tried, Cheeba Chews are my favorite.  One of the reasons I love medicating with edibles is because they are discreet.  Knowing the amount of marijuana in each edible makes being able to regulate how small or large of a dose I need is another perk. They also come in a variety of strengths, giving patients like me plenty of options.

The Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid quad dose Cheeba Chews contain 70mg of THC. Looking for something stronger? The deca dose contains 175mg of THC and the Caramel Chew and the Mint Chocolate Chew contain 100mg of THC.  For those wanting a lower amount of THC, the High CBD contains 20mg CBD and 50mg of THC and the Pure CBD contains 50mg of CBD and 2mg of THC.

I prefer an Indica quad dose for my daily and nightly needs.  Most days all I need is a tiny pinch now and again to lower my pain level. It also tackles my insomnia, depression, muscle aches and pain, muscle spasms, bone pain, and anxiety.  I use a small pinch of a Sativa quad dose along with a sixth of an Indica chew for bedtime.  When used during the day, the Indica chew clears my head making it possible for me to think, hold conversations, and to work on projects.  I prefer to not use a Sativa chew during the day as it causes me to be less focused.  However, when my nerve pain is out of control, nothing relieves it like a Sativa chew!

So far I have tried the quad doses and the deca dose and have been more than pleased with them all.  The only exception for me personally would be the hybrid, because it contains more sativa than I need on a continual basis.  I am looking forward to trying the Caramel and Mint Chocolate Chews and would love to hear from someone that has tried them.  Higher prices have kept me from trying the chews with a higher CBD content, but I  hope to try them someday.

Cheeba Chews come wrapped in foil making resealing easy.  No matter how many doses I cut my chew into, my last dose is just as potent as my first!  This can not be said for other edibles!

Because it can take anywhere from one to two hours for a dosage to take effect, I suggest waiting before taking more.  I have also found that allowing my dosage to dissolve under my tongue speeds up the wait time.  I can usually start feeling relief after a half hour by doing this.

If you are looking for an edible that is not only consistently made, but that works wonders, look no further than Cheeba Chews.  If your dispensary doesn’t carry them, beg them to or find a dispensary that does.

I can not imagine my life without Cheeba Chews.  FYI:  I did not receive this product for free nor was I asked to review it.  I am sharing my experience and love for this product because it is my favorite medical marijuana premade edible.

The Disabled Diva



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8 thoughts on “Cheeba Chews

  1. chronically undiagnosed June 17, 2015 at 9:07 am Reply

    I usually use High CBD Veda Chews but wanted to try something different so I’m trying these on your recommendation. Thanks!


  2. […] was prepared to hurt more by the end of the day.  To combat my physical pain I brought along an Indica Cheeba Chew and my No Mo Pain Stick.  Prior to leaving the house I practically bathed with Mo’s Dream […]


  3. […] In addition to dealing with abdominal adhesions, I also caught a cold.  I typically have a messed up sleep schedule in the summer months, but the additional pain and sickness made it even worse.  Instead of getting up at 5AM like I normally do when visiting Disneyland, I decided to give myself a break and slept for another hour and a half.  I was in more pain than normal as the humidity was high and all of my joints and bones were hurting more than usual.  Like the past two visits, I practically bathed with Mo’s Dream Cream before leaving the house.  And even though I had yet to use the Pain Stick in the parks, I made sure to bring it along.  I also had approx. 5mg of a MMJ edible, Cheeba Chew. […]


  4. […] paying extra attention to my spine, sacrum, hips, and shoulders.  I also had approx. 10mgs of an Indica Cheeba Chew.  Knowing that I would want to ride attractions that involved water and wanting to get wet in […]


  5. […] Cream all over my body, paying extra attention to my neck and hips and taking approx. 10MG of a Cheeba Chew MMJ […]


  6. […] With my recommendation in hand I am free to get my medication from any dispensary in California.  No more having to worry about which pharmacy takes my insurance.  Instead of being stuck with a pharmacy that knows I can’t go anywhere else and doesn’t care about me as a patient, dispensaries work hard to please their patients.  They offer premium products and run specials on different forms of MMJ all the time.  My favorite dispensaries often offer buy two get one free on my preferred edibles, Cheeba Chews. […]


  7. […] with pain and tension as well.  If my body is feeling overly inflamed I will take 1 or 2mgs of an Indica Cheeba Chew.  Light stretching also helps prepare my body.  Every day is different, some days I need to do […]


  8. […] Cheeba Chews […]


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