Hawaiian Egg Bread


I am about to share the most amazing Hawaiian Egg Bread recipe with you. I found the recipe at Allrecipes.com.  But first I want to share a few pieces of advice.  Know your climate! I have found that that my dough will only rise according to the times stated in the recipe when the weather is cooler or damp.   On dry and warm days it becomes a day long process of waiting for it to rise.  Secondly, if you suffer from pain in your shoulders, wrists, and hands you may want to do what I do, which is recruit a family member or friend to help you with the kneading.  And last but not least, do not panic if you make an error.  One time I absent mindedly used egg whites instead of the yolks.  Instead of throwing out the dough and starting over I decided to bake it anyways.  It tasted fine! I couldn’t tell the difference, while family and dinner guests said they could only detect a minor difference. The only real difference was that the bread was white instead of yellow. Click on one of the two links provided in the first two sentences or the picture above to go to the recipe.  Hope you and your family enjoy this bread as much as mine does!!

Hope your day is filled with gentle hugs and smiles!

The Disabled Diva




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