My San Francisco Adventure

Sun setting on the bay
Sun setting on the bay

Having never been to San Francisco I was more than excited to join my husband on his business trip.  Because this was a business trip I knew there wouldn’t be much time for site seeing, but I didn’t care.  I am just thrilled to have had the opportunity to see and taste as much of the city as I was able to.  My husband’s busy schedule was only one reason for not being able to do or see much.  If you follow my blog you already know that I am unable to walk any distance without increasing my pain level and that I use a wheelchair for most of my outings.  Unfortunately our car rental company didn’t have a vehicle large enough for our luggage and my wheelchair, so my wheelchair was left at home.  We knew this would mean that anything we did would have to be things that didn’t require walking.  The second reason was that the hotel that my husband stayed at last week was full (along with all the others nearby it) and this week we were stuck by the airport where there was nothing within my ability to walk to.  This trip has turned out to be more of an adventure with food than anything else.


I was in awe as we approached the city.  I don’t know why I thought differently, but I was surprised by how large the bay is.  It was a little unnerving to be driving over water for so long.  As luck would have it the Golden Gate bridge was closed that day and I would have to wait a few more days to see it in person.  Since we were all tired after the 7 hour drive up there the only thing we did after checking into our hotel was to drive around the nearby neighborhood and have dinner.  The neighborhood was something I had only seen in movies before.  Row houses, apartments above stores, everything was so charming.  We eventually agreed to eat at Di Napoli Pizzeria and Ristorante.

Dinner was superb!! We shared the Pizza Gamberoni al Pesto with shrimp, sun dried tomatoes, roasted garlic, caramelized red onions, and pesto.  Oh my it was to die for!!!!  For those new to my blog, you may not know that I suffer from a mystery GI issue and have feared eating away from home for quite some time.  Thankfully my symptoms have reduced in the past month making life a little less painful and messy.  I knew before ordering that I would most likely pay for eating the garlic and onions, but I was feeling brave not to mention hungry.  An hour later I was hit with painful diarrhea and blamed my GI issues.  But soon after my attack, my husband and daughter were also hit!!  So while my GI issues may have been partially to blame, I can’t ignore the fact that we all ate the same thing and they don’t suffer from GI issues.  So I believe it is safe to say that it was the food that got to all of us.  One thing that did surprise me was how wheelchair accessible this establishment was.  There is a button to open the door inside and out making getting in and out a breeze for someone using a wheelchair.  Once inside there is plenty of space and room for a wheelchair to move around with ease.


The next day was spent writing and relaxing at the hotel while my hubby worked.  While he was away I began to hear water dropping from the bathroom.  I though that maybe my husband didn’t fully shut off the shower nozzle.  I was shocked to see that the water wasn’t coming from the shower head, instead it was coming from bubbles all over the ceiling.  I called the front desk and within five minutes I had someone at my door.  Because of the leak, they had to give us a new room.  The only plus was that the room was a little better than the one we had.  That evening we headed out in search of some good Chinese food, since we don’t have many tasty options in my area of the Inland Empire.  We chose Beijing Buffet.  The food was great!  Many shrimp dishes to choose from with my favorite being the Coconut Shrimp. We were disappointed that there was only one chicken dish and the desserts were nothing to get excited about.  My daughter and I ate the same foods and within thirty minutes after we ate both of our bellies blew up with gas!!!!!  Oh my goodness it was so painful and forgive me but the explosions were unavoidable!!!!  We were never so thankful that our hotel had windows that opened because the cloud of stink that the two of us produced was enough to kill someone!!!!  But once again I can’t fully blame my GI issues since my daughter and I ate the same foods and she doesn’t have my GI problems.

My creepy view from the hotel.
My creepy view from the hotel.

The next morning I was in desperate need of coffee.  The hotel’s coffee was not up to my standards nor did they have any flavored creamers to hide the taste, so I decided to make my own with the in-room coffee maker.  I ended up with hot water and coffee grounds!!! GRRRRR.  Since there was a Denny’s in the parking lot I decided a good cup of coffee would be worth the pain of walking.  I was thrilled that they had iced coffee on the menu and ordered mine to go.  The $3 I spent wouldn’t have bothered me had they had flavored creamer, but at least the coffee was decent.


That evening we headed downtown.  First we drove up and down Lombard St., this was definitely an experience.  I can honestly say I have never driven on a street that was so steep before this day! Next on our to see list was the Golden Gate Bridge.  I have dreamed of seeing and crossing this bridge since I was a child.  Not only did I find the bridge to be beautiful, the views while crossing it were also breath taking.  My only regret is that I wasn’t able to go during the daylight hours.  But that is the downfall of tagging along on a business trip in the winter.  The last time my husband was up here he stayed downtown and after this trip we have decided that we will only come up when he is able to get a room in that area.  There would have been plenty for my daughter and I to see and do had we been able to stay near Pier 39 and been able to bring my wheelchair.  So my pictures were all taken after dark and are not the best, but that is okay because I have my memories.

We even found a little Disney magic! Someday we plan to visit the Disney Family Museum.
We even found a little Disney magic! Someday we plan to visit the Disney Family Museum.


Golden Gate Bridge at night.
Golden Gate Bridge at night.

After the Golden Gate Bridge we decided to find somewhere to eat at Pier 39.  We were a little nervous after our last two dinners, but we agreed that we couldn’t leave San Francisco until we had some sourdough bread.  We chose Boudin Bakery and tempted fate by ordering their shrimp and pesto sourdough pizza.  The pizza was amazing!  The crust was made with sourdough bread and the shrimp was succulent. We also tried the Havarti Cheese Bread.  We left with full and happy bellies!  Because we didn’t have my wheelchair I wasn’t able to walk too far, but was thankful that I had the stamina to walk a little.  The good news is that most of that area is flat and as long as I am able to bring along my wheelchair this is where I will be spending a lot of time the next time I visit.

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wpid-imag1705_1.jpg wpid-imag1711_1.jpg

wpid-imag1708.jpg wpid-imag1710_1.jpg

The best part of that night was that the food finally agreed with me!!!!  No gas and no diarrhea!!!  So far this has been a great adventure.  Knowing that I will have the opportunity to return makes only getting to site see in the dark this go around okay.  I can’t get over how much I love this city.  It is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined!  There are few places that I have visited that I find myself yearning to return to, but I hadn’t even left and San Francisco already had me dreaming of my next visit.

I was exhausted by our last day and the only outing I made was for dinner.  We found a hole in the wall, family owned and operated Chinese restaurant in South San Francisco named May Fair Restaurant.  The food was amazing!!  It was so good that we had demolished most of it by the time I thought about taking a picture! We ordered the Cashew and Almond Chicken, Walnut Shrimp, and Shredded Chicken Chow Mein. Although we loved it all, the Walnut Shrimp was our favorite.  We were so impressed with the taste and quality that we agreed it would be worth driving from downtown to eat there in the future.  My fortune said that I would bring joy to someone new in my life, I can only hope that it means that new readers will find joy and comfort from my blog and social media pages.



The ride home was a bit stressful as we had to drive though fog for close to four hours!  I am so thankful that I had this opportunity to visit a city that I have longed to see since I was a child and I can’t wait to go back!  I would love to hear your suggestions of places I should try to visit the next time I head up there. For now I am just happy to be home, because let’s face it, there really is no place like home!!!

Hoping your days are filled with gentle hugs!

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