Not so Magical Moments at Disneyland


It was just a matter of time before I would experience a few not so magical Disney moments.  There are some that I could have avoided, others that were caused by other guests, then there are those that even Walt Disney himself couldn’t stop from happening.  How these moments impact your visit is up to you!  You can let it fester or do what I do and laugh it off!

The first moment that I could have avoided was six years ago…. We had just purchased the pin trading lanyards and we wore them proudly.


As you can see in this picture the lanyard comes with a plastic pouch perfectly proportioned to fit your guest pass.  Please learn from my mistake……NEVER, I REPEAT NEVER put your guest pass, hotel passkey, credit cards, or money in them!!!!!  We had put our guest passes in ours and learned quickly why you should never ever do that.  One day after going on several rides we noticed that the pouch was missing from my husband’s lanyard which had contained his and our daughter’s park passes.    At that time we didn’t live in CA and we were not annual pass-holders.  The reason I mention this is because if an annual pass-holder loses their pass they only need to pay $20 to replace it, all other guests are not so lucky.  If you lose your pass and it is not found by the end of the day you will have to purchase a new ticket at full price to replace your lost one.   This would have totally sucked for us as we were on day two of a five day visit!!!! For us this would have meant purchasing two three day passes to continue our vacation. This also meant that we were stuck in that park for the rest of the day as my husband and daughter wouldn’t have been able to park hop or return without their passes.  This also meant that there would be no fast passes for them either!  I burst into tears when I was told by the City Hall Cast member that we would just have to wait and see if they get turned in.  At this point another Cast member stepped in and began communicating with another that was working the last ride that we had been on.  Thankfully for us the pouch and passes were found!  This could have ruined our vacation!!!  So please do yourself a favor and only use those pouches for items that are not of any real value, like a fast pass for a ride.

If you follow my blog you surely have read about my bad day with my brother in-law, Downs and Disney.  I should have realized that he would have been upset by not being able to participate in the Jedi Training and should have avoided it.  But like everyone else, I make mistakes too.

The not so magical moments caused by other guests began after I began using a wheelchair.  Living with invisible disabilities has taught me just how rude and judgmental people can be.  In the beginning I had the strength to leave my wheelchair allowing me to walk into the restrooms.  People would express their disgust and disbelief of my conditions once they saw me up on my feet.  In the beginning this would hurt me deeply, now I don’t care what anyone has to say.  Now that I have to use the wheelchair full-time in the parks I am experiencing a new level of rudeness.  First is with those who choose to use the limited number of handicap restroom stalls as mommy and me potties!!  There is no excuse for this.  I never in my able bodied years ever used the handicapped stalls for my children and me.  Even if they don’t see another guest in a wheelchair waiting for the stall, they shouldn’t use it.  Why?  For one there are ample stalls for the able bodied and you never know when a handicapped guest will enter.  Secondly for me personally when the urge to go hits, I need to go quickly.  Having to wait for someone and their children to finish could and has led to my soiling myself.  This is not a fun way to spend my day at the park.  Handicap stalls are just that, for the handicapped, not families and strollers.  Another example of stroller rudeness is on the trams.  To ride the tram one must remove their child from the stroller and fold it up.  As someone that has frequented the park often with strollers I know that this can be inconvenient, but that small annoyance is nothing compared to the annoyance that a guest in a wheelchair experiences when they have to wait for several trams because guests think they are being clever by using the one and only tram car that is accessible to wheelchairs.  If I were in charge at Disneyland I would not allow anyone with strollers to use the wheelchair tram car unless there were no handicapped guests needing it first.  I would keep pushing them to the end of the line until there were no wheelchairs in sight!  Strollers  should also not be allowed on the handicapped tram car with a wheelchair guest.  The last time one crammed their stroller in with me, their stroller wheels lodged into my wheelchair making it next to impossible to exit the tram.

Do me a favor, if you are a piggy and have no respect for others stay out of my park and go visit a non-Disney amusement park.  Last week I discovered a gross bologna container on my rear bumper as I rolled up to my SUV to go home.  The funny part about this was that I was parked right next to a trash can!!!!!  Who leaves their trash on someone else’s car????!!!!  Let alone a disabled persons!!!!  This kind of person does not deserve to be a guest at Disneyland!!!

And last but not least is something that just can’t be avoided but one hopes to never see.  While enjoying the sites on Main Street my daughter and I could hear what sounded like someone pouring a large container of water on the ground.  When we turned our heads we were both surprised and disgusted to see that the sound was actually a horse urinating.  Then a few hours later we had to dodge said horse’s crap.  We had a good laugh as we realized that even Disney himself can’t keep a horse from taking care of business.

Why am I writing about this?  Because not every moment in our lives is magical.  There are going to be moments that have the opportunity to ruin your moment or day.  How you react is what is really important.  I choose to kindly remind people that the handicapped stalls and tram cars are for the handicapped rather than to yell and belittle them.  I choose to hope for the best and to work hard to turn a bad situation around.  I choose to not let any person or horse ruin my day at Disneyland!!

I feel pretty lucky considering that I have been visiting Disneyland since 1984 with very little not so magical moments.  So I am curious, what are some of your not so magical Disney moments?  How did you handle them?


Until next time, may your days be filled with Pixie Dust and gentle hugs,

The Disabled Diva




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