One Flare at a Time

Sometimes I struggle to accept my age.  It is not because I fear growing older or that I think we are defined by a number.  I struggle with my age because I really don’t feel that old.  Instead of looking back at a year filled with activities I see one or two events every so many weeks or months.  In a way it feels like time stands still when I am stuck in bed with a severe flare.  I was in my early thirties when pain invaded my everyday life.  Back then I would try to push through my flares.  The result was additional pain and leaving me to feel older than I really was.  Now that I give my body the rest that it requires I feel years younger than I am.

While some live from one weekend to the next or from day to day, I live flare to flare.  How much time I have in between is anybody’s guess.  I may physically feel twice my age, but my mind is still a few years behind my actual age.  How hold do you feel?

Gentle hugs,

The Disabled Diva

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