My Birthday Wish


For my birthday this year I thought I would share my birthday wish with you.  While I have many wishes for those of us who suffer from chronic pain, I am only going to focus on one today.

 My birthday wish is for doctors to take us seriously when we come to them with a new symptom.  All too often they are quick to blame our chronic conditions.  I will never accept it as long as our conditions remain incurable.  Many of our conditions don’t have cures because the medical field is still clueless about what causes them.  Without a known cause, how can they be sure that our new symptoms are actually part of our current conditions and not something totally unrelated?  Listen to us! Play detective!  Only blame our chronic conditions after all other conditions are ruled out.  If my wish is ignored there may be some folks who may not make it to their next birthday.  It would break my heart to know that I or someone else didn’t have the opportunity to celebrate another year because their concerns were ignored.

Please help us all celebrate many more years.  We may not be able to do it without pain, but at least we would be alive!


Gentle hugs,

The Disabled Diva





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