Test, wait, get results, repeat…

Tests, wait, get results, repeat….

This has been my life since going to my Doctor-Grover-grover-monster-20091698-343-500doctor last month seeking relief from horrible pain in my abdomen.  Unfortunately I think this is going to be my life for quite some time.

Yesterday afternoon I received a message from my doctor saying that my MRI results were normal.  No explanation of how they saw and measured a mass in my liver on my ultrasound scan, just that there was no mass just a normal fatty liver.  My emotions are mixed.  It is not that I wanted a mass in my liver; it is just that this still doesn’t address the pain and symptoms that are totally unrelated to my chronic conditions.  On one hand I am relieved.  My family and I no longer have the dark cloud of wondering if I had liver cancer hovering over us.  On the other hand I am frustrated to still be without answers.  So I messaged my doctor back asking what was next since this doesn’t explain my symptoms or pain.  He responded that I was correct, my symptoms have nothing to do with a fatty liver.  He also stated that he was going back to his original theory of my having a stomach or gall bladder infection or a bad gall bladder.

Normally I would hope for the simplest to treat, in this case it would be the infection.  But that is not the case this go around.  Over a month ago at my first appointment to discuss these symptoms my doctor prescribed the same medication that they would treat the infection with.  I had to discontinue use after three days because it exasperated my symptoms and pain. Imagine having your stomach being ripped in half and your intestines knotted.  Before you say, oh well they will just have to give you something else, understand that all GI medications contain ingredients that I am allergic to or have had a severe reaction to.  The pharmacist said that what was prescribed was the only thing without those ingredients.  He also said that the only other thing he could give me would be one of the kits that clean you out before a surgery.  Well guess what?  I can’t take that either.  So if it is an infection I don’t have hope of getting better.  Thank God for medical marijuana, because that is the only thing that lowers my nausea and allows me to eat.

So now we continue the testing which includes the stool sample that I have been unable to produce during hours that coincide with my husband’s work schedule and the lab.  Here is hoping that today is the day that I am able to provide that sample!!

Overall I am relieved and thankful that there isn’t a mass.  I am still not sure what to believe though considering that I have never had an ultrasound, a CT or a MRI scan, ever show what my problems were.  No scan ever showed my ovarian cysts, a Fallopian tube that was left behind after a surgery and adhesions that were twisting my bladder and strangling my bowels, NOTHING.  What bothers me about test results is that it is rarely my doctors that look at them.  They are always read by someone else and my doctors go off of their reports.  A few years after having my appendix removed a doctor told me that my MRI showed a healthy appendix.  I told him he either had the wrong test results or someone doesn’t know what they are looking at because I didn’t have one anymore.  Believe it or not he argued with me.  It wasn’t until after surgery that he acknowledged that I didn’t have an appendix.   This is what scares me.  Nothing ever shows up in my scans, it is only by going in that doctors find the culprits and see the havoc they are creating.  So do I truly believe that the first scan was wrong and the second was correct?  NO.  But for now I will just wait and let the testing continue.

I wish I could trust doctors but they have yet to give me a reason to.  Between surgical errors, prescribing medications containing known allergens, ordering the wrong tests, and believing tests that were either not mine or incorrect has left me totally fearful of all doctors.

Am I the only freak that has had these kinds of issues with tests and doctors?

Gentle hugs,

The Disabled Diva

Published by Cynthia Covert

Diagnosed in 2001 with psoriasis, followed by fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, endometriosis, and later a botched hysterectomy turned her world upside down. Cynthia shares her experience, advice, and tips for how to make life with chronic pain easier and less painful.

One thought on “Test, wait, get results, repeat…

  1. I know how you feel on many levels. I always have mixed emotions about negative test results. On the one hand you are happy to not have something really bad, but on the other hand you still have no answers.

    Also, the not trusting doctor’s things I also get. There were many times when I asked doctors if I should get certain tests or see certain specialists. They would say no that it was premature and there was no need for that only to find out months later that I was right on the money while they were wrong. You just have to keep searching until you find a doctor who truly cares and really gives every result a through review and consults with others before making decisions. Hard I know but not impossible.

    Hope you get the answers you are looking for soon.

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