Will my phone ever ring???

callmeI don’t know which is worse…. Dealing with ever increasing symptoms along with my normal pains or waiting for my test results.  Although I am not a patient person, I have learned to practice some patience throughout my journey with pain.  Never have I wanted or needed test results so badly.  Last night I told my husband that I am beyond needing to know the severity of the situation or even what the exact nature of this beast is.  All I want to know is what is next…. This beast is making me ill and needs to be dealt with.

I waited out the three days that my tech said it would take for my doctor to have the results and left my doctor a message this morning.  I hope to hear from him today.  No matter what, I need to know before the weekend. It has been three weeks since my initial visit, and three weekends of wondering “What if?”.   The stress of the unknown and the increased pain is driving me crazy.  I don’t how much longer I can go on distracting myself.  I have even done all the things that usually cause my phone to ring, like take a shower or a nap.  Still nothing….

Why does waiting have to be so hard?

Gentle Hugs,

The Disabled Diva


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