Legal Remedy Systems

Live in the Inland Empire?  Looking for a medical marijuana dispensary that is clean, has knowledgeable and caring employees, and that treats you with respect?  Have I found a place for you!  Legal Remedy Systems is a fabulous dispensary.

I was disappointed with the atmosphere of all the dispensaries that I had visited when I began to medicate with MMJ.  With gangster rap blasting from the speakers, young women dressed like strippers, and multiple armed guards, I felt like I was visiting a drug dealer not purchasing medication.  I am not a drug user or abuser.  I am a middle aged wife and mother who just happens to suffer from a few painful conditions that pharmaceutical medications won’t help.  Marijuana is my medication.  This is why I love Legal Remedy, they treat their patients just as that, a patient.  Their facility is clean, tastefully decorated, and located where I won’t fear walking from my car to the front door.  Because I can park right in front of the entrance, I don’t need to use my wheelchair, but if I did they are totally wheelchair friendly.  The lobby has comfortable furniture, perfect for resting while waiting for your turn.  The staff was wonderful, easy to talk to, respectful, and never once asked “How high do you want to get”?  There aren’t any tacky refer signs or pictures out front, in fact there isn’t a sign at all.  The lack of signage is comforting (at least for me) in the fact that unless someone else gets their medication there, people won’t have a clue as to what you are leaving with.

Legal Remedy Systems is what a medical marijuana dispensary should be.  A place for people in pain to get medication.  No games! No Gimmicks! Just quality meds priced fairly.  By the way be sure to ask about their first time patient specials.  I was given several options and the one I chose was buy three edibles get one free.  If you’re ready to be treated with the respect you deserve I have listed their location, contact info, and hours at the bottom of this post.


Gentle hugs,

The Disabled Diva

I was not paid to review this company, nor did I receive any services or product in exchange for one.  I am just sharing my experience.



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