Diva rides Slash Mountain

As a child I was pretty daring when it came to choosing amusement park rides. IMAG0508_1 The only ones I would avoid were the roller coasters that had loops.  I am not a fan of being upside down.  Heights never bothered me.  Unfortuneately I didn’t have the opportunity to ride Slash Mountain as a child.  I was in my thirties when I first attempted this attraction and it scared the living daylights out of me.  This was also when chronic pain started changing how I reacted to different situations.  So for many years I have stayed far away from this ride, too terrified to try again….that is until last Saturday…..

I honestly don’t know why or what prompted me to tell my Prince Charming that I wanted to go on Splash Mountain with him.  He was as shocked as I was, mainly because this was the first time I suggested it without an ounce of fear or hesitation in my voice. Click here for video of my reaction. Until that day, anytime I even thought about that ride, my tummy would knot up and I would feel faint.  But not this time.  I found myself to be as excited as I would have been as a child.  An interesting side note is that I had asked my husband if there had been a change in my personality after I began treating my pain with marijuana.  His reply was that the only change was that I was back to the fun loving woman he married.  And now a year later my love for thrill rides has returned….I don’t know if there is a connection or not, but I can honestly say that how I treat my pain has definitely given me back my life.


By the way this post will not be addressing the accessibility for the handicapped, I will be addressing that another day since I have quite a bit to share on that subject.

As we made our way to the attraction I expected to feel butterflies in my stomach.  But they never came.  My fear was completely gone, but I hadn’t lost my mind since I still had the sense to decline riding Screaming over in California Adventure.   It wasn’t until the first drop that I began to wonder if I had made a mistake, but that feeling faded quickly.  In fact I was disappointed when we reached the final drop, I WANTED MORE!!!

My husband and I were both blown away by my reaction and started

That's me with the orange poncho on in the back!!

That’s me with the orange poncho on in the back!!

discussing what was different between my two experiences.  The first difference was my pain medication.  I was taking prescription narcotics the first time and this time I was medicated with marijuana.  No I did not smoke a joint in the parking lot, I medicated with a pinch of an Indica Edible.  This keeps my muscles relaxed and allows me to enjoy a day out of the house.  The second difference is where I was seated on the ride.  The first time I was in the middle, where the sides are low, leg room is minimal, and the backrest is narrow.  There are no seat belts and I didn’t feel secure.  This time I sat in the very last seat.  The back seat provides a full back rest, plenty of leg room, and the sides are raised.  I felt safe and secure throughout the entire ride.  I had worried about holding my camera while riding, but it wasn’t an issue.   I plan to ride this attraction many more times in the future, but with one condition, and that is that I must sit in the back seat.  Thankfully the cast members are very considerate of the handicapped guest’s needs and I won’t hesistate to  make my request.

Gentle Hugs,

The Disabled Diva




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