Goodbye Genie


My heart sunk when the notification of Robin William’s death came through on my phone.  Not because I am a fan, but because of how he died.  Those of us that live in chronic pain know the murky waters of depression all too well.  We know how hopeless life can seem.  The idea that our families would be better off if we were gone grows stronger.  As with Robin, not all are able to fight the temptation to end their lives.  As my heart aches for his family, it also aches for anyone else who has lost a loved one to suicide.

Depression is serious.  If you find yourself feeling like the world would be a better place without you, PLEASE GET HELP!!!!  Call someone.  Anyone!!!  If you don’t feel you have someone to talk to, then contact a suicide prevention line immediately.

Here are few links that could help you:


Suicide Prevention

24 hour crisis line

Please post your recommended sites in the comments.

Gentle hugs,

The Disabled Diva




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